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The strongly competitive Speech and Drama section boasts a wide range of classes for all age groups.  



Speech and Drama syllabus 2022



Book Prose and Verse list 2022 





9th - 11th & 13th March 2022


Please note these timings may change due to Government guidelines and restrictions



Wednesday 9th March

3.30pm V9P

4.10pm V9V

4.45pm V9D

5.30 V11-DC

6.15pm Break

6.45pm V13-14P

Followed by V13-14SR

7.20pm V13-14 V

7.45 V13-14 D

8.20pm V13-14 WS

Followed by V 15 + WS


Thursday 10th March

3.30pm V10P

4.25pm V10V

5.10pm V10D

5.50pm Break

6.20pm V12-14DC

Followed by V15+ DC

7.10pm V15+P

Followed by V15+ SR

7.55pm V15+ V

8.25pm V15+D



 Friday 11th March

3.30pm V6V

4pm V11P

4.45pm V11V

5.20pm V11D

6.10pm Break

6.40pm V12P

6.50pm V12V

7.30pm V12D



Sunday 13th March


10am V7P

10.35am V7V

11.05am V8P

11.50am V8V

12.30pm Break

1.30pm V11-VP

2.30pm Junior Drama Performer of the Year Finals

3.30pm Young Drama Performer of the Year Finals