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Always a highlight of the Festival is the Dance Section.


A wide range of classes is available covering solos, duets, small and large groups in age sections running from 4 to 21.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a beautiful venues for our dancers to perform in. Northbrook Theatre is a wonderful space for all performances with an excellent stage; The Pavilion Theatre has a large stage with well equipped dressing rooms and an auditorium spacious enough to seat the large audiences who traditionally gather for the group classes.







Our Dance Festival this year is at Northbrook MET Theatre -  this is for local dance schools only with restrictions due to COVID -  Please note that any updates during the festival will be put on our Facebook Page  "Worthing Music and Arts Festival" and we would request that any questions during the festival are delivered via the Facebook page.

We wish all competitors good luck and hope they and their Parents/Family Teachers have a happy, successful festival


We look forward to returning to our usual live Dance festival next year - syllabus will be available later this year